Ancient Horoscope in Zodiac time

Ancient Horoscope in Zodiac time

Ancient Horoscope in Zodiac time

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From the very beginning of time man has been fascinated by the stars and he has always tried to find some links between them and his own destiny. His observation of the stars and their movements gave rise to two very important areas of study, namely, Astronomy and Astrology.

Modern astronomy seeks to find answers to the still unanswered questions regarding the origin of man and the final, possible end of his existence as a member of the human race. It is a fascinating area of study and our new knowledge of the universe and the galaxies has put much pressure on many religions to evaluate their age-old postulations regarding the creator and the creation of life.

Astrology, however, is a completely different area of study altogether. The study of astrology involves a great understanding of human nature, an ability to assess planetary movements precisely, together with an insight into the seemingly unexplainable phenomena in the universe. Astrological interpretations indicate our inclinations and tendencies. A horoscope is a chart drawn to show the karmic force a man carries, calculated from the time of his birth. The force determines the time of birth and knowing this time, a skillful astrologer can accurately chart a man’s destiny within a given life-span.

A person is born (not accidentally, but as a result of karmic influence)when the sun is on transit in one of the twelve Zodiacal signs.

Through the horoscope you can determined certain times in your life when you have to slow down, or push yourself to great levels of creativity, or when you have to watch your activities and health.

This App is a prediction not a forecast.

Forecast is scientific and free from intuition and personal bias, whereas prediction is subjective and fatalistic in nature. Forecasting is an extrapolation of past into the future while prediction is judgmental and takes into account changes taking place in the future.

Features of this app:
* Find what is your current age
* Day of Birth
* Your Astrological Sign
* Daily , Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Prediction
* Share your prediction with loved ones through Whatsapp, Twitter or any social apps
* Listen to your prediction while driving
* Copy and Paste your predictions
* Turn on and Off your notifications
* Daily Auto notification at your desired time

This is a glance towards deeper realizations. So take it light. Not all prediction suits everyone. What is right for you today might be for someone else tomorrow.

Like traffic signal –
Green light means safe
Red signal danger.
Amber indicate get ready

So take the predictions as warning and don’t ponder too much over it.

Astrology cannot automatically solve all your problems. You must do that yourself. Astrology is very much an imperfect science. Use astrology intelligently to make your life more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Do not expect good luck to come to you or be handed to you easily without any effort on your part. If you want to reap the harvest, you must sow the seed and it must be the right seed. Remember, ‘Opportunity knocks at the door, but never break the lock to gain entrance.’

Final Word of advice:
Buddha Quote: “Fools wait for a lucky day, but everyday is a lucky day for an industrious man.”


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