XTV For Android TV , Movie Box, TV Stick And Firestick

XTV For Android TV , Movie Box, TV Stick And Firestick

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Android TV, Firestick or TV Box







To install it on TV download the app and simply copy it to your TV storage and run.



For Firestick/ Android TV/ TV Stick / TV box – :

Download “App2fire” or “send files to tv” from google play and install both on mobile and FIRESTICK to transfer the APK


Watch this video on how to transfer



For Android TV:



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Product Description

Known Bugs:
Moving the navigation too fast will cause the app to crash. So move the navigation menu slowly
Multi Audio and Subtitle do not work. So when a video has Multi Audio and Text, It will automatically select the default. It is better to use Chromecast for such movies. Anyway, normal subtitles work.
Some movies use 5.1 channels or high-quality audio so ensure your TV does have 5.1 Stereo Channels for certain movies.
There is no resume play, but we have a good forward and rewind scroll.
Points to take note of:
Certain movie resolutions won’t be clear on the Big screen. Especially those very old and rare ones. There is no better clarity in such movies at all. And if we encounter any better clarity movie, we will certainly update the movie.
We do not entertain add-on requests on this APP. It is as it is. We might upgrade in the coming months according to our schedule. But we won’t be taking requests on the APP modifications or enhancements STRICTLY.


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